The Purpose of Scars

I am working on the finishing of a wood project right now.  The filling, the sanding, the refilling, the finishing.  The style we are all in love with today is taking something old and making it new or taking something new and making it look old. As I thoughtfully looked at each blemish, each knot, each edge, I was thinking about scars.
Some scars add character and shouldn’t be hidden. IMG_2622
Other scars are the result of building, of growing something.
IMG_2621 Sometimes scars can kill.
But when you think you are dead, someone picks you up and can make the beauty of the scars come alive.
Scars tell stories.
Of hurt. cl
Of healing. knee
Of a second chance. heart transplantSome scars are literally born out of giving life.
Of careful pruning, to come back more alive the ever. apple-tree-964475_960_720
Scars are what you and I are made of. We can choose to dwell on what put them there, or we can make a poignant decision to LIVE for tomorrow, to TEACH from those scars, to LOVE because of those scars, to show the world that what once could have been dead, is ALIVE.
I might as well tell you that I am sitting on the stairs in the garage writing this. I couldn’t do it in my office. It’s too nice, to unblemished. But there is something about sitting in an unfinished garage, with the pieces crafted from my hands, the smell of wood and dust that reminds me that our life is short. It may be short, but it can be a rather impactful one, if you choose.
Oh, I have scars; many, many hurtful ones that I could choose to make me bitter, to narrow my focus, to distract me. People who might as well have taken a knife to my back. I let it go. God knows those things. I could never do anything to erase where the scars came from or what they did. Instead, I will give my energy to live for tomorrow. To make an impact on those in my life today and be thankful for the impression of those scars to be a positive imprint on my life.
Augustinermuseum_Rattenberg_018I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t thank the one who’s scars gave me life. I’m an artist, a carpenter, a giver of life and live-r of life because Jesus took the scars I deserved. He was a carpenter, a live-r of our life for 33 years and a giver of our lives forever. I know that regardless of the physical and emotional scars I endure while I live, I will count them as nothing when I die.
Live now, wear your scars as trophies and because of them, make a better tomorrow!
Happy Easter!
Image attribution: Statue of JesusBy JoJan – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,